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Ever since I was just a little boy, I've been working with computers. I started with just playing games, then, a few years later I did my first RAM upgrade. This eventually evolved into me building my own computer and getting more and more familiar with the tech world. At the age of 16 I started getting interested in the software side of tech so I decided to continue in that direction. Now, 7 years later I am able to call myself a very capable developer with experience in multiple major fields.

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Webdesign was the main field my studies focussed on. Aside from the regular HTML, CSS and Javascript I am also familiar with frameworks such as React.

Other web related technologies I've worked with that are worth mentioning are: PHP, MySQL, Firebase, WebRTC, WebGL, Three.js, ...


While most web development studies focus on ether the development part or the design part, mine focused on both.

I've learn how and what to research to be able to create fitting designs for private businesses, large corporations, events, apps and more.


Another major field we learned during my studies was researching. We learned where and how to gather useful data so that we may choose the best design options or development technologies.


Javascript is a very important part in web development. Aside from using it to create websites and apps, I also frequently use it to create scripts which automate tasks I often have to repeat.


The UX and UI of any design will heavily influence the users first impression. For this reason I dare not to be ignorant of how something could be seen by others during the design process.


Clients want their site to feel more personal. One of the ways to add personality is to add pictures that are relevant to the client and their businesses. Therefore it is important to be able to take good quality pictures which fit in with the rest of the design.


When designing I always have the goal to let my client's site or app stand out from the regular sites. Using the researching techniques I've learned together with different technologies I am able to create unique and functional designs.


Whenever I say I am interested in languages to other people, most assume I just mean programming languages. When I say I am interested in languages I also mean the different languages from around the world. For this reason I also try to learn a little of other languages. It might seem useless to others but to me, learning a different language also gives an insight on how words would be placed on a design if it was for example to be translated to Chinese.







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    MY work experience

2021 - present

Teacher secondary education - HoWest

A bachelor degree that permits its holder to teach children in secondary schools of the qualified classes.

2018 - 2021

Digital design & development (Devine) - HoWest

At Devine you will be trained to use your design, development, and research skills to create near- and far-future online experiences. The curriculum of Devine is based on these 3 up-to-date industry-proved skills.

2018 - 2018

Cisco IT Essentials

The Cisco IT Essentials (ITE) curriculum offers a hands-on, career-oriented learning experience with an emphasis on practical activities to help students develop fundamental computer and career skills.

2016 - 2018

IT management - GO! Atheneum Oudenaarde

In IT management you will be trained to a support function in the administrative IT environment. The emphasis is on managing computer equipment and software, on efficiently solving problem situations, on guiding PC users and on optimizing information processing. You get to know the system unit and the most important peripherals.


Teacher 3rd grade secondary education internship at GO! Atheneum Oudenaarde November 2021 - Januari 2022

During my job as a teacher, I taught STEM, programming and general IT principles. I taught the students about the hardware of a computer, how to program and some physics. During the practical lessons, I supported the students in programming.


Web developer and designer (PHP) at my-websitebuilder, Internship, 4 months

During my internship at my-websitebuilder it was my task to edit or make web designs and afterwards develop them using one of the following CMSs: Wordpress, ForkCMS, home made CMS by mwb


School computer technician, Internship, 6 weeks

As a computer technician I was tasked with repairing computers. While working there I also helped with installing a new school network and created a program which is used to see all registered items the school has and create unique barcodes for them.

2015 - 2018


At McDonald’s I worked in the kitchen in a team of 3 to 5 people. Later I was given the opportunity to become a manager but I declined because I wanted to focus on my passion.